Meet the ostrich!

Meet the ostrich!

Posted On: April 29, 2009
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We first met Adamo the ostrich on a high meadow above the beautiful valley of the Var and the town of Puget-Théniers in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France.   The farmer named him after Salvatore Adamo a romantic singer of Italian descent who moved with his parents from Sicily to Belgium and became one of the most successful French singers in the 1960s.   

Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand but the metaphor still persists and it seems some find it still useful. All ostriches are curious but Adamo seemed fascinated, perhaps even mesmerised by the small gaggle of strange human animals before him.  I liked this about him.  I also imagined how he got that slightly ‘bashed up’ face … clearly not by burying his head in the sand.  

Our passion for community arts and media is fuelled by the increasing accessibility of multimedia technology that facilitates a community’s ability to produce media rather than just merely consume.   Media education, at all levels, provides vital tools that allow individuals to greater understand and critique the world in which we live.  

Adamo is not afraid to look.  I hope he does not mind being our logo. I forgot to ask him when I met him!